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Universities of Ghana Overseas Office
321 City Road Angel, Islington
London, EC1V 1LJ

Phone No. + 44 (0) 207 278 7413
The Overseas Office has wide-ranging responsibilities and functions under the direction of VCG
Some of its responsibilities though not exhaustive are as follows:
Recruitment/admission of foreign and Ghanaian students in the diaspora.
Arrangement for Entry permits, visas, passages etc, for new appointees and foreign students admitted to various universities in Ghana.
Liaison/monitor the academic performance of postgraduate study fellows/students.
Liaison with academic and other staff on study leave.
Liaison with Overseas Universities Institutions and bodies in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.
Administrative arrangements in connections with visits of External examiners, Moderators, Visiting Personnel including professors, Lecturers and distinguished university guests.
Recruitment of Academic/Administrative staff.
Administrative Arrangements in respect of organising short refresher courses/seminars in the UK for principal officers from Universities in Ghana
Provision of Logistics/protocol and management of residential/guest house services.
Attending seminars/conferences as proxy on behalf of our principals as required and to submit annual reports on the operations of the office.
Specific assignments as directed by Vice-Chancellors Ghana (VCG) from time to time.
Liaison with the Ghana High Commission, Education Section, in respect of the payment of stipends for sponsored GETFUND study fellows studying for various postgraduate programmes in UK universities.
Providing references for Ghanaian students in diaspora in respect of further studies and job opportunities – social work, teaching, engineering, medicine etc.
Arrangement of medical examinations for new appointees and principal university staff who require medical treatment in the UK.
Placing of advertisements in recognised media overseas for our universities.
Promoting alumni activities and welfare.
Procurement of teaching and research materials/equipment.
Constituting panels to interview prospective candidates for appointments in our universities.
Reference and assessments on candidates for appointments.
Presentations and appeals to UK organisations/institutions for donations of books/equipment to our institutions in Ghana.
Specific and special assignments as directed by VCG.
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